Born in Paris in november 27th 1973.


Before creating my furniture designing company GK DESIGNS, I worked 16 years in the broadcasting industry, in a documentary production firm in Paris in France.


While I feel the need to change professional life, eager to follow craftsmanship, I jump into professional art and craft studies, (imitation wood and marble in painting, initiation to the lacquer, initiation to technical of wood) and I open my studio in Paris in May 2005. 



I initially focuse my scope of work on old furniture, with a large interest in its possibility to mix the history with contemporary lines. Using old pieces of furniture from the 20’s to the 60’s discovered in second-hand, I get inspired by the lines until I manages to interact with the shapes while questioning it’s function. The piece then becomes Object.


The furniture is fed with materials such as eggshells, faux-shagreens, gold leaves, silk. I re-think and give a second life to the Object in order to create unique pieces.



Fascinated by Chinese culture and my husband being of Chinese origin, I combine therefore Chinese and French cultural heritage in my new creations on furnitures, paintings, fabrics and home accessories. And I collaborate with architects for decorations interiors.


GK DESIGNS is a work of art witch mixes precious craftsmanship and multicultural heritage. 


Gwenaëlle de Kergommeaux