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Gwenaëlle de Kergommeaux founded in October 2004 GK DESIGNS to create pieces of furnitures, home accessories, imagine paintings and to collaborate for your interior design projects.


While harmoniously mixing noble materials, art and design, each piece is unique and/or produced in series for a professional and private clientele.


Entirely hand-made and shaped by traditional craftsmanship, Gwenaëlle decorates her pieces mainly with lacquer, eggshells inlays, faux-shagreen and gold leaves.


The faux-shagreen is one of her specialities. Featuring the pebbled look and feel of shagreen, her faux-shagreen are an animal-friendly version with all the style of the real skin.


With her secret production, she can emphasize the specific grain of faux-shagreen, including its "pearl" symbol of this material without harming any sea creatures.



Gwenaëlle de Kergommeaux

Mobiliers - Luminaires- Laques 

Boutique/Atelier au 21 rue Rousselet - 75007 Paris

Ouvert de mardi à jeudi de 12h à 19h

vendredi de 14h à 19h

samedi de 12h à 19h

Métro Vanneau, Duroc ou Sèvres-Babylone

06 58 96 66 42